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We dispense medications under all Government schemes.

You can now quickly order your prescription for collection at Goatstown Pharmacy through our website by clicking here.

Goatstown Pharmacy provides a fast and efficient prescription service. You can reduce your waiting times even further by ordering online. We will notify you when your prescription is ready for collection.

If you are concerned about misplacing your prescription or want it ready for you in advance, then you can store your prescription in our pharmacy.

If you have forgotten, lost, or misplaced your medicine and/or prescriptions then we will endeavour to provide you with a supply as soon as possible.

Order Your Prescription Now


When you or a member of your family are on a number of medicines it can be difficult to manage. We offer a service whereby we will pack your medicines into easy to use weekly and monthly packs. This will help ensure you get the right dose at the right time and avoid making any medication errors that could be harmful.

We can also take time to sit down with you and perform a medicine usage review to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your different medications. We can explain what each medicine is for, how best to take it and how it works. If you are taking multiple medications on a long-term basis this can be very helpful to understand what side effects could occur and what impact these medications may have on your lifestyle.


Call in today and our pharmacist can measure your blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) and test your blood glucose level, all for FREE!

We can explain what the result means, how it may impact your health and lifestyle and give you advice on what to do next to improve your health.


Goatstown Pharmacy is an ideal provider of medication services for your care home or residential services.

With a registered pharmacist on-call 24/7 for emergency supply, daily medication deliveries, a multimeds medication pod management system, patient photographs and colour-coded kardexes Goatstown Pharmacy makes managing your resident’s medication very simple.

Our multimeds pod system with individual patient photographs and colour-coded kardexes reduces medication errors and increases confidence for patients and staff during drug rounds.


Photos are taken in store, printed to the correct size and trimmed as required, all within a few minutes (no appointment required).

The prices are as follows:

  • Standard sized passport photos – €6 for a set of 6

  • Passport photos for children – €8 for a set of 6


We can supply two types of emergency hormonal contraception.

Ellaone which is suitable for use up to 120 hours following sexual intercourse and Prevenelle/Norlevo which can be used for up to 72 hours following sexual intercourse.

Following a short private consultation, our pharmacist will determine which medication is suitable for you.

If you have a medical card, your emergency contraception will be covered under the medical card scheme even without a prescription from your doctor.

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please call our pharmacy on (01) 296 5244.